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By following these instructions we guarantee at least one harvest, or we’ll send you a new grow kit free of charge.


Check out this video which covers steps 1-6. 

  1. Remove all contents leaving the grow block inside the box. Make sure the plastic flap is tucked underneath the block. 
  2. Fill the spray bottle with clean water. (Filtered or Distilled is ideal)
  3. Using a sharp clean knife cut a 3 inch "X" in the center of the surface of the bag that faces upward, allowing the knife to cut approximately 1/2 inch into the substrate (mushroom growing medium). 
  4. Position the flaps of the cardboard box vertically. If needed, use small pieces of tape to keep the flaps upright. 
  5. Using the spray bottle, mist the "X" 3-5 times.
  6. Place the humidity cloth (burlap) on top of the vertical cardboard flaps.
  7. Remove burlap and mist the "X" 2-3 times per day, using 3-5 sprays to ensure both the plastic and the substrate below are moist. Replace the burlap after each mist. For dryer climates, mist up to 6 times per day using 3-5 sprays per time. 
  8. Once pins (baby mushrooms) have formed, remove the humidity cloth, fold the box flaps down and into the box, and continue with the previously noted misting schedule.  


For Oysters, harvest before the caps begin to flatten out/curl upward. 

For Lions Mane, harvest when the mane is .5-1 cm long. 

Generally, younger mushrooms have better flavor and longer shelf life. More mature mushrooms have a lower shelf life and less flavor, but a higher yield.

To harvest, grab your mushroom cluster gently with both hands from the base and rock/twist until it separates from the block. Trim any substrate from the base of the mushroom before cooking or storing. 


Mushrooms should always be refrigerated, ideally in a breathable container like a brown paper bag. Generally, mushrooms should be consumed within 1 week of harvest. 


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  • Love these! I’m hooked. So easy and delicious. I find the instructions to be confusing, a how to video would be great!

    Cheryl Jorgensen on

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