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Meet Our Mushrooms

Our fresh gourmet mushrooms are available for purchase at World Foods Markets, as well as South Waterfront, Lake Oswego, & Tigard farmers markets. For no-contact home delivery see here.

Lions Mane

With flavor and texture similar to lobster or crab, they shred or pull apart into bite-sized pieces. Meaty and sweet-savory, they are a perfect substitute for seafood. Generally spherical with soft spine-like fruit coming from a hidden base they are strikingly white when young, and change to a lionesque color with age.

Blue Oyster

Usually grows in large clusters, they take on the typical shelf like shape of other Oysters. Size and shape and color can vary immensely depending on growing conditions, though typically deep blue to grey in color. With a hearty texture, this mushroom holds its shape well, making it the chef favorite.

Italian Oyster

Mild in flavor, they feature robust, thick-stemmed fruits in gorgeous clusters. These are ideal for customers who prefer a larger, sturdier mushroom with more culinary versatility. Delicate greyish–brown colored caps with beautifully contrasting white stems are found on mature specimens. Our in-house favorite!

Yellow Oyster

Their ivory-white stems extend into vibrant, daffodil-yellow, petal-shaped caps that are often smooth and convex with age. Their texture maintains a delicate, melting quality and a cashew-like nutty flavor when sautéed lightly. Visually stunning, these mushrooms offer a distinct aroma and variety of applications.

Pink Oyster

Gorgeous fleshy firm, vibrant pink bouquets. They are a warm weather loving strain native to tropical regions. When cooked, they take on a flavor similar to cured ham with a distinct aroma.


The striking golden-orange caps are often topped with white flakes and mature to a brick-red color. Tender, yet crisp, they can be mild, buttery or nutty with a seasoned peppery aftertaste. They may also have a deep, rich flavor likened to steak with red wine. These mushrooms often retain their firm, crisp texture when cooked.