How to Use Dried Mushrooms

Grind dried mushrooms up into a fine mushroom powder or rehydrate! 

Dried mushrooms are a versatile, shelf-stable ingredient that can add unique flavors and textures to your favorite dishes. The process of rehydrating them or creating a fine mushroom powder may seem intimidating, but it’s really quite simple. Read on for the basics of rehydrating dried mushrooms, grinding dried mushrooms into a fine powder, and some tips and tricks to make the process easy. Get ready to elevate your cooking game with these little powerhouses of flavor!

Make Your Own Mushroom Powder:

  1. Grind the Dried Mushrooms. You can use a coffee grinder, a food processor, or a mortar and pestle to grind the mushrooms. For best results, grind the mushrooms in small batches to ensure an even texture. Be sure to grind the mushrooms until they are a fine powder. 
  2. Use a Fine Mesh Sieve. Run your powder through a fine mesh sieve to collect any large pieces. Run the larger pieces back through the grinding process and repeat as needed. 
  3. Store the Mushroom Powder. Once you’ve ground the dried mushrooms into a powder, it’s important to store them properly to maintain their flavor and freshness. Store the mushroom powder in an airtight container in a cool, dark place. It should last for several months if stored properly.
  4. Use the Mushroom Powder! Try adding it as seasoning for meats, vegetables, grains, and soups. Powders can also be added to honey, coffee, smoothies, and more!

Rehydrate Dried Mushrooms:

For all options below, the general instructions are the same.

Instructions: Place dried mushrooms in a bowl, pot, or even a French press and cover with desired liquid below. Let soak until tender. Strain and squeeze out excess liquid. Use in your favorite mushroom recipe! Be sure to keep the soaking liquid and use it for soups, sauces, or to cook rice.

Warm Water Method

Time: 20-30 minutes for sliced or thin mushrooms, several hours for dense whole mushrooms

Notes: This is the most common method. Read on for other options!

Boiling Water Method

Time: 10-15 minutes for sliced or thin mushrooms

Notes: If you need to rehydrate mushrooms quickly, boiling water can be used. This will reduce the soaking time. However, the hotter the water, the more the texture and flavor of the mushrooms will be affected. 

Cold Water Method

Time: 30-60 minutes for sliced or thin mushrooms

Notes: Many people prefer the outcome of this method over warm or boiling water. Soaking mushrooms in cold water instead of warm or boiling water can help preserve texture and flavor. 

Wine or Stock Method

Time: 20-30 minutes (warm liquid); 30-60 minutes cold liquid

Notes: This method adds additional flavor elements to your mushrooms as they rehydrate. Rather than using water, mushrooms are soaked directly in dry wine or stock. After soaking, you will have a mushroom liquor to use in sauces!


Try it yourself with our dried mushrooms!

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