Bridgetown Mushrooms Releases Limited Edition “Bill Walton’s Wonder Bar”

Highly anticipated release of Bill Walton’s Wonder Bar, a mushroom-infused dark chocolate bar, is now available for pre-order

PORTLAND, OR, June 13, 2023—Bridgetown Mushrooms (the “Company,”), a leading organic producer and supplier of fresh gourmet mushrooms, functional mushroom products, and mycology supplies, announces its limited edition release of Bill Walton’s Wonder Bar, a dark chocolate bar infused with lion’s mane mushrooms. The Company and Bill Walton, Basketball Hall of Famer, announced their brand partnership in March 2023. 

This limited edition release marks the Company’s formal entrance into mushroom-infused consumables. Bill Walton’s Wonder Bar is made with ethically and sustainably sourced Ecuadorian cacao and the Company’s locally and organically grown lion’s mane mushroom powder. The product will be packaged in 100% compostable pouches in keeping with the sustainability priorities of both Walton and Bridgetown Mushrooms. 

Multiple peer-reviewed studies suggest that lion’s mane mushrooms can be beneficial for heart health, cognitive function, and the reduction of anxiety and depression. As well, these mushrooms contain anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties and components that stimulate nerve growth factor—all benefits that compliment the superfood properties of dark chocolate.

Rana DiOrio, Chief Product Officer of Bridgetown Mushrooms, commented, “We’re thrilled to enter the consumable functional mushroom market with this rich, creamy dark chocolate bar that’s made in the USA and packaged responsibly. This is the first of many products we have planned to celebrate Bill’s energy and love of the fungal kingdom.”

Bill Walton added, “I truly am The Luckiest Guy in the World. I love mushrooms. They’re a foundational element in the circle and cycle of life. I get to help create these WONDERful mushroom-enhanced confections. Then, I get to share them with all of you. What could be better? Here we go!”

Bill Walton’s Wonder Bar is now available for pre-order with delivery expected in mid-July. Pre-orders receive a 15% discount. Please visit 

About Bridgetown Mushrooms

Founded in 2018 in Portland, Oregon, Bridgetown Mushrooms is currently one of the preeminent, organic producers of gourmet and functional mushrooms and mycology supplies in the Pacific Northwest, distributed through multiple commercial and consumer sales channels. It also develops and markets mushroom-based products nationwide as well as manufactures and sells mycology supplies to meet the large and growing demand for commercial mushroom farmers across the United States.

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