Bridgetown Mushrooms Announces the Release of Kind Coffee Co-Op™ in Collaboration with RPG Coffee and

PORTLAND, Oregon, Oct. 16, 2023 – Bridgetown Mushrooms (the “Company) is pleased to announce the release of its newest product, Kind Coffee Cooperative™. Developed by RPG Coffee in partnership with Bridgetown Mushrooms, the new product will benefit and is now available to pre-order.

Kind Coffee Co-Op is a purpose-driven collaboration organized to foster kindness to the body, global community and Mother Earth. Each cup delivers restorative aloe and therapeutic mushrooms in sustainable packaging while also providing funding to research the science of humanity’s greatest asset — kindness.

Rana DiOrio, Chief Product Officer of Bridgetown Mushrooms, commented, “Organic farming is fundamentally about kindness — to the earth, to our bodies and to one another. We are excited to contribute functional mushrooms to this partnership with the leader in kindness exploration and application,, and the conscious, high-impact brand that is RPG Coffee.”

Chris Capozzoli, CEO of RPG Coffee, observed, “I have long stressed the importance of being kind to your body and gut, and our journey with the restorative powers of RPG Structured Aloe is well documented. I am excited to include the adaptogenic qualities of Bridgetown Mushroom’s lion’s mane and reishi in crafting something delicious and healing.”

Jaclyn Lindsey, CEO of, added, “We are honored and excited to be working with RPG and Bridgetown Mushrooms to make the world a kinder place. The coffee itself is an act of kindness for you and the earth as it is formulated with organic products and served in recyclable packaging. And I’m thrilled to share that a portion of each sale will have a direct impact on research and programs for a kinder world through”

To pre-order your bag of Kind Coffee Co-Op, and make the world a kinder place, please visit

Bridgetown Mushrooms is currently one the largest producers of gourmet and functional mushrooms in the Pacific Northwest. Bridgetown Mushrooms grows a variety of functional and gourmet mushrooms that are distributed through multiple commercial and consumer channels. It also develops and markets mushroom-based products nationwide as well as manufactures and sells mycology supplies to meet the large and growing demand for commercial mushroom farmers across the United States. To learn more, please visit

Real People Giving (RPG) Coffee is a distinguished, veteran-owned and operated enterprise that is making waves in the wellness industry. Specializing in the development of whole food ingredients-based supplements and exceptional coffee, RPG Coffee exemplifies a deep-rooted commitment to giving back. RPG generously allocates a portion of its profits to support nonprofits that resonate with its mission of promoting positive impact and community upliftment. is a non-profit fueled by the belief that kindness is humanity’s greatest asset. Grounded in leading-edge research, uses science to create solutions that help people everywhere build a kinder world.

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